Proposal Final Project: Database System

Title                                                   : Mobile Phone Store
Amount of Table                             : Approx. 8 – 10 Tables
Deadline                                            : 13th Week of Database System
Project Team                                    :

  1. Ivan Ezechial Suratno, 2101693920
  2. David Honasan, 2101693933

General Description                        : We’ll try to create offline system mobile phone store.

Description (Visual Basic)             : The visual basic visualization would be run from a login page of seller or buyer. Then, if buyer than it can order thing that will show the detail of each phone that are currently being sell. The seller could add an item to sell in the marketplace visualization. The SQL description will be created by Ivan Ezechial.

Section of Creation*                      :

  1. Ivan Ezechial Suratno : Database (MariaDB)
  2. David Honasan : Visual Basic (

Exception                           :
* Even though there are section, the project is created together backing one and another.

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I'm Binusian 2021
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